Sunday, June 5, 2011

Xmen - gimme some of THAT!

Workouts -
I took two rest days in a row this week. I am tapering, but I still had guilt about it. But not too terribly much as my monthly visitor came in the form of a mac truck this time around. That bitch.

I REALLY did not want to run yesterday. I took motrin in the morning for a headache and then had an upset stomach, so i resolved to try for an afternoon run. I had to volunteer with the kitties till 4, and I came home and whined about having to run for a bit - realized it was 80 degrees out, and then sucked it up and just did it. I did a 4 mile out and back. I wanted to test out "flying" down hill to see what i should aim for on the downhills at LP. Turns out sub 9:30 pace on the down hills is a bit too fast for me at this point haha. Good to know. It was a good run - I ended up being really glad i did it.

Today I set out with the intention of doing 6. But yesterday's tough afternoon run, and lack of proper meals resulted in me shaving it down to 5. Still a good 5 miles, with some .1 mile sprints at the end (last one was 7:50, holla!). Sometimes I do sprints at the end because i'm bored. Keeps it interesting.

I ran some errands and now i'm vegging out with Dinah. It seems like it's gonna rain out this afternoon. Lucky for me FX has an xmen marathon on starting at 4, just in case i needed an excuse to NOT be productive today. I'm sorry, I'm a nerd and I love superhero/comic based movies. And any time hugh jackman is rocking that wolverine badassness I am ON it. mm mm mm.

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