Friday, June 10, 2011

My cat is a spoiled brat

Last night, I indulged in a little froyo. Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia to be exact. It was my grandpa's favorite, and I was feeling the need for a little luck from "beyond." Cherry Garcia always reminds me of him and how awesome he was, how much he accomplished in his life. Seemed like good mental "fuel" for race weekend.

Anyway - Dinah stared me down the ENTIRE time, because apparently it's her favorite flavor too. I did let her have a few licks off the spoon (after I was done, folks. I haven't gotten to THAT level of cat-lady-crazy... yet) - which she devoured and then appeared to have an ice cream headache. he he he. dumb cat.

As you can see from the picture below. My cat is a freaking princess. Yes, she has her own water GLASS. A few weeks ago i dropped her water bowl on the floor and it shattered. No loss, since she's NEVER FREAKING USED IT. Ever since I brought her home she has claimed my water glasses as her own. So she was quickly given one dedicated just to her. And yes, she does have her own coaster. And yes that coaster is hand made by yours truly. NO, I did not make it with the intention of the cat using it exclusively. It just turned out that way because Dinah is a spoiled brat.

Anyway, I am just biding my time until my parents get here from Syracuse. We're headed up to Lake Placid TODAY for race weekend. woo hoo! I'm nearly packed, and a little nervous. Mostly anxious. The weather is calling for a 70% chance of rain (and maybe thunder?!) Sunday morning in LP. I'm hoping the storms move through over night, or its just a few light showers. Either way -better than 90bajillion degrees!

My sweetest coworker brought me a good luck card and a giant bag of dark chocolate m&ms today. :)

It seems unlikely that I will be bringing my computer to LP since I have a habit of breaking/forgetting things on road trips. So I will update you all Sunday night on the results of my very first half marathon!

Enjoy your weekend all! Good luck to anyone racing! :)

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Natalie said...

Woohoo! its going to be awesome! unless it rains heavy the whole time! lol