Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, DINAH!!!

Today is my darling kitten’s 4th birthday!! I can’t even believe it’s been 4 years already.

I found Dinah on craigslist. This is hugely hypocritical to my current rescue an animal philosophy. However, not only am I new to the plight of poor shelter cats, but to having a pet in general – Dinah’s my first. We did not have pets growing up.
So, as I left a toxic relationship to venture out on my own, I decided a kitten would be a nice idea to keep me company. A woman in Holyoke, MA (uhh, yes, an hour and a half drive from Albany – bc people’s cat’s don’t get knocked up here??) posted that by the end of August, her cat’s litter would be ready to be adopted. I was ON IT. I think I responded to her ad within hours of her posting it. Whatever, I was a cat lady in training. Now I’m dedicating an entire blog post to my cat. sad sad sad.

I brought Dinah home, and it took nearly two days for me to get her out from under the dresser. I coaxed her with treats and food.
I quickly noticed that she was a bit uncomfortable. It turned out my poor kitten had fleas Sad smile poor precious. I had to beg the vet to give me frontline kitten-style, without having seen her, I broke 2 vacuums getting rid of them and flea powder, and had to comb little gross fleas out of Dinah’s coat over the sink. Needless to say, her first few days were very traumatic. However, that frontline is the, and within 48 hours we were flea free.
It was shortly after that Dinah joined me on the bed, to lay on my pillow while I read books for school.
She played with toys.
“helped” me study and kept me entertained
Snuggled in the covers
Folded laundry
Makes funny faces (ps apparently I never make my bed)
funny faces
And lets me take glamour shots
She snuggles me when I’m sick, and pounces on my face when the snooze alarm has gone off too many times. she meets me at the door when I come home from work, and follows me around on the weekend. She tolerates the dog and is even learning to share the window.
She is the prettiest, sweetest cat in the whole world.
So here’s to you, Dinah. Thanks for the headbutts, the meows, the slow kittie blinks letting me know you’re happy. Thanks for booping me in the nose with your cold little paws. And taking up the ENITRE bed with your 8.5lbs self. Thanks for breaking my wine glasses, stealing my ice cream, chewing on my spider plants (and subsequently, throwing them up all over the house), and scratching my face when I take the teasing to an “intolerable” level.
But mostly, just thanks for being a “purrfect” snuggle muffin SmileHappy Birthday!

(and you all thought I was joking with the “why I’m still single” comment in the last post…yea…..)


Lindsey said...

This is the best post ever. You better believe I'm going to be doing one for my dog in a few days for her birthday!!

Natalie said...

She is so pretty!! Happy Birthday Dinah!

Morgan said...

Awwww how cute! Happy Birthday Dinah!!!