Tuesday, June 28, 2011

omg, I hate summer

I really fell off the wagon this past weekend. I barely exercised, I ate like crap, drank too much wine, whined too much in general. Blech. I'm not really sure what the problem was, but I think I'm over it now.

Sunday night I got myself back together by grocery shopping the rainbow, and then eating it. Overall, I've been doing really well in the eating department since then (which is surprising because I've been super grumpy). I also had a good tempo run yesterday, so that was uplifting.

I gotta tell ya, folks. I honestly think it might have been easier to get up and out of bed and my arse to the gym when it was dark out and negative 500 degrees than it is when its muggy and stuffy when I wake up. It just makes me so MISERABLE. I have, apparently, a very difficult time getting motivated to get my sweat on when it's already on upon waking. Gross.

It's proceeded to be a muggy gross day here which means I'm still grumpy. But, I've been having an unexpectedly productive day at work, and my lunchtime salad was thebomb.com. So, I'm trying to keep myself looking on the bright, comfortably cool side of things.

October, anyone?? ;)

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SupermomE12 said...

The summer is easier for me because of our morning schedule (I don't have to get up quite as early) but then I am a heat wimp so that makes it hard on me. I would much rather run in the cold than the heat ANY day.