Saturday, June 25, 2011

Relaxin’ and Bloggy Buddies

Thursday’s leg/run workout put me in quite a tizzy here. I knew this would happen. I’m incapable of easing back into weight lifting when I’ve not done it in a while. I heart weightlifting, and I like doing it “dude” style – lift heavy. Makes me feel so hardcore. I’ve had to take some recovery time from running. But, don’t worry, I’ll be back at it tomorrow.

My darling sister graduated high school today. It was a LOOOONG ceremony. All three of us (me, my brother, and my sister) graduated in classes with about 700 kids in them. And our last name is at the beginning of the alphabet. zzzzzzz.  But, I’m super proud of her! She’s moving on to the next, awesome chapter! woo hoo! Congrats, K!

Due to going back home for the weekend, I’ve been a bit behind on reading blogs. But, I came back to find the most adorable Lindsey @ Yogi Bear nominated me for my very first blogger award! I’m so honored! The_Versatile_Blogger_Award

Recipients are to share seven random facts about themselves and then recognize 5 other bloggers with the award. So… here goes.

1. I’ve mentioned this once before on the blog, but I’m a huge anglophile. I took a few British history courses in college and absolutely fell in love. British history is full of the stuff romance and drama is made of! I often dream of moving there and fulfilling my Anglo-obsession; however, I’m afraid I’d be disappointed – I’m more “pride and prejudice” English-obsessed than “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” Oh well.

2. I am, or was, quite musical. Growing up I played piano, viola, and mallet percussion. I loved every bit of it (well, some bits I didn’t love). I have recently gotten back into playing piano quite a bit lately. I’m enjoying it a great deal. I’d forgotten the magic of Mozart.

3. When I was small I used to wish on every wishing thing for a little sister. first star at night, wishing wells, necklace clasp moving around front, every thing I  could think of. I wanted a little sister soooo bad. But never in all my wishes and dreams could I have imagined she’d end up being SO FREAKING COOL.

4. I really would love to go to Alaska for an extended vacation (read: forever). It seems so absolutely beautiful up there! I don’t mind the cold – I think Alaska and I could be friends.

5. My dream (and just a dream at this point) is to get my PhD in history and teach at the college level. I’m a huge history nerd and I own it! JC = NERD

6. I love tea. I’ve recently become quite the tea buff – with my cutesy cast iron tea pot. I fully enjoy loose leaf teas and plan to post on my tea-dventures in the future.

7. Mr. Darcy over Mr. Big, any day. They’re both a bit of a jerk, but at least Mr. Darcy comes to his senses. SmileThe British accent doesn’t hurt


This was HARD!  I didn’t think it would be quite so difficult to come up with 7 random things about me! haha.

Now- those wonderful bloggers that I also will recognize with this award:

Vanessa @ GourmetRunner

Kari @ RunningRicig

Christine @ Bun&Borough

Victoria @ FindingHappinessInHealth

Keri@ TheBlueEyedRunner


I hope everyone is fully enjoying their respective weekend’s!!! 


Lindsey said...

Cool! Gotta love Pride and Prejudice! Wasn't it hard to come up with 7 random things about yourself?? Happy weekend! :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Yeah, thank you so much!
We have a few of those things in common:
--I like the brits too! I'm half English, and I married one!
--my major in college was history, and I harbor a secret desire to get my PhD as well
--love tea, and pick it over coffee any day
--Mr. Darcy, DEFINITELY!!!!

Natalie said...

I think one of your random facts should have been that you have a British friend (me) who brings you tea and chocolate!!