Wednesday, June 8, 2011


So I’m tapering. 2 months ago when half of bloggerville was tapering for Boston I read plenty of posts on “taper tantrums” etc. I didn’t get it, obviously, because I’d never had to taper before. This is the first “really big” race that I’ve done, and the first that I’ve properly trained for.

I’ve noticed that I’m pretty grumpy. Part of this may be that summer has arrived in upstate ny which is super annoying because its always oppressively humid. Grrr. However, my runs this week are just “easy” ones. The challenge isn’t there like during peak training where there were pushing on intervals or tempo runs. So that makes me grumpy pants.

I’m anxious. I want to RUN this FREAKING race. AHHHH!

I’m a little bummed my training is over! weird? I dunno. I’ve really enjoyed the training process. Also, I’ve just finally hit that point where I’m starting to notice some real changes and improvements in my running. I’m getting faster, stronger. I suppooooooooooose, that it’s good that I’m peaking right as race time approaches. But seeing results just makes me want to push even harder – so instead of ripping thru taper like a jerk-off, I decided to find a new training plan for my NEXT half marathon. Oh yea baby!

4 days folks. 4 days. Winking smile


misszippy said...

Not strange at're ready to rock and roll. It's a good sign!

Best of luck this weekend!

Lindsey said...

That is a good sign! I'm sure you'll do great - good luck!!