Wednesday, June 15, 2011

7:15 is too late for yoga

I went to a yoga class at my gym tonight. My legs, post half, are feeling great. I've not run yet - I'm injury prone, I'm trying to do this right. But, overall, my legs feel pretty good.

but my dang NECK! Stupid me forgetting my fancy pillow and sleeping on miserable hotel pillows. I STILL have a crink in my neck. I figured yoga might help - and it was on my recovery week workout plan anyway.

OK folks, I get out of work at 430. Maybe 3 times in the entire nearly 2 years I've been at this job have I ever had to stay late. I live 2.8 miles from work. I am home byt 4:37, LATEST every day. So, I came home and changed into workout clothes immediately to make sure I went to yoga.

I got really grumpy because it took so long to be 7:00 and time to go to the gym. yes, i'm a brat. I trudged off to my car.

It was a great class. very stretchy! my neck still hurts, but i have a bit more mobility than before. so, yay!
then I came home and made the BEST dinner.

I sauteed some red and yellow peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and tossed in some kalamata olives and capers and paired it up with a salmon patty. SO YUMMY.

I'm feeling healthy and revived, and ready for bed! zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Morning workouts resume tomorrow!!


misszippy said...

Good for you for going no matter what! Yoga is the best.

Natalie said...

Dinner does sound delicious!