Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Registered!

Today I did my first run post-half. Just a quick 2.25 miles to see how my legs feel (I wanted to go further, but I just wanted to test the waters. Also, yesterday at work I smashed the living daylights out of my right knee - so it was a bit achey). My legs were!!!

They are definitely itching to run much quicker than before. Which is awesome! let's do this.

Post run, I hopped on the computer and hit the register button! Half Marathon #2 comin' atchya!

I waited too long to register for the Hudson Mohawk Half, so I'm going to run the inaugural Empire State Marathon and Half in Syracuse! The course is flat and fast, and right through my old stomping ground - Liverpool, woot woot!

I'm really stoked. I am planning a time goal for this race - where as finishing was sufficient for Lake Placid. Over the next few weeks I want to do some time trials, so I can nail down some training paces and figure out where to go next!

I'm planning on using a Hal Higdon training plan this time around. Last time was a compilation of plans. Specifically, I'm going to use this one. I'm stoked :)

Tonight is a laid back evening of doing laundry (oh joy, i know you're jealous of my riveting social life). Up early tomorrow to get in some gym time - and then tackling the rest of my garden excavation project....but that's another post.

Keep it real, homies.

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Natalie said...

I'm going to be your biggest fan at your race, along with your parents and Kelly! (I might need a chair to sit in though)