Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

Did you know its National Flip Flop Day?!? (great cause, btw - check it out!)

I just found out myself, ME, of all people!

I couldn't even wear my flippy floppies today because it was raining out this morning. I'd rather wear wet running shoes than flip flops, I think. Ew, grimey feet.

I went to yoga AGAIN today - this time at 545am. whoa. too late or too early. the weekend classes are at a "just right" time, but there are like 8 million people in them, so, no thanks. Doesn't have the same effect when people are downward dogging all over each other. hehe.

Anyway, my arms are dead from 2 days of yoga and 1 day of serious lifting. ouch! I have really got the running bug bad. I've been trying to take it easy since the half, but in all honesty - my legs feel great! I'm running tomorrow, no two ways about it! I might even run after work today!

Ok, back to updating my fancy pants database. Have a great weekend, ya'll!!!

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Lindsey said...

Happy National Flops day! I wear them...way to often that I should even say. Yikes?!