Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have a new hobby

or a hobby... whatever.

It's running. I began "for serious" late this summer and ran my first 5k and two 10ks this year. I REALLY want to do a half marathon next year. like REALLY. However, my last 10K run sucked. bad. It was cold, I hadn't run enough the previous weeks due to other health issues, and about a mile before the end my IT band flared up and I pretty much wanted to die. I still knocked a minute and a half off my first 10K time. But still, when it was over I felt like crap. But when I read about running, I get really inspired. And when I miss a few days at the gym, I get anxious. I guess these are good signs. I want it - somewhere deep down.

Tomorrow begins my "winter training plan." I mostly made it up myself and honestly have no real idea what I'm doing. But, I'd like to drop 15-20lbs before the spring race season. And I seriously need to work on my speed issues. (I'm doing like a 10:50 mile right now, not gonna cut it). So, since I live in a cold, snowy, windy, icy climate - I'm trying to focus on what I can do inside, for the most part. I actually really enjoy weight lifting. So that part shouldn't be an issue. But running on the treadmill is B.O.R.I.N.G! So, I'm hoping some interval and tempo runs will keep me occupied on there. I should also start keeping a log. not really sure what i'm doing there either. But I'm moderately good at collecting data, so I imagine it will go fairly well.

We shall see!