Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Things Thursday

Happy Rainy Thursday, ya'll!

1. Today I did a booty kicking work out. My new training plan (that starts July 18!!) calls for strength and three mile runs on thursdays. In anticipation (or lack of patience) for the new plan, I decided to try out some of this thursday nonsense today. I read a workout in RW a while back, where you run - do a leg weights workout and then run some more. Well, I kind of did that - I did all the leg lifting first, then the 3 miles. Lets see if I can walk tomorrow.

2. My roomie, Q, got a new job! SUPER fancy! Today was her first day. they have valet parking there! So jealous! I asked my boss if we could get valet parking in our next contract cycle. He said "maybe once we can start hiring interns again." PFT! priorities! Also, since Q's last day at her old job was y'day, our fridge is full of delicious desserts leftover from her going away party. I. am. excited. hahaha.

3. On Saturday my little sister graduates from high school! Holy S, man! There's a huge age difference between us - 11 years. I remember her being born, and falling asleep on my chest as a teensy baby. And now shes GOING TO COLLEGE! omg. I still can't believe it. I also can't believe I haven't talked more about her on here, because she's the coolest e.v.e.r. Maybe i'll do a post on her birthday. It probably won't top the Dinah post from yesterday though. :-[


Natalie said...

See, you would make a good mom - letting Kelly fall asleep on your chest and remembering her being born ;)
Congrats Kel, next stop BWW!!!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like a great training plan!! I'm sure you'll be able to walk! :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Oh man--weights and then running kicks my butt every time.
My youngest brother is 14 years younger than me--people thought I actually WAS his mother!