Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What the heck did I do in my sleep last night?

Lately, in case you haven't noticed, I haven't exactly been keen on motivation, and I've been a grump in general.

I've also been sleeping like a sick person (but I'm not, no worries). In bed, every night this week, before 9pm. And it's not like I've been working out a ton with which I could justify this.

I will blame the humidity, mostly just because I hate it. You will find I complain much more about the weather in the summer than I do in the winter, even in the North East, even if I still lived in the snowbelt (Albany's snow is minuscule compared to Syracuse's). Whatever, wah wah wah, it's hot. Enough already.

I'm not exactly complaining about my intense sleep sessions - I mean, they must be needed, right? Or else I wouldn't be so tired...? However, last night - weird things happened. I apparently knocked my water bottle over, the top popped off and I woke up to water all over the floor. How did I not hear that? IT'S RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD. weird. Then, post-TM run hand-washing I noticed a newly formed blister on the inside of my right pinky finger. How did that even happen? Yesterday was a vigorous day of hand usage. I messed around with MS Access all day at work (grr), I vacuumed for like 2 seconds, and cleaned up cat puke. None of these things are exactly blister inducing. Something strange is going on in those sleep hours!

Besides phantom blisters and water bottle vandalism, sleep got me to ROCK some mile repeats today. A while back I was struggling with the 10 min/mile barrier. I've broken through it - at least when it comes to speed work. Which is the first step, right? I am not training for anything right this second (new plan starts in 2.5 weeks!!!) but in motivating myself to actually do workouts in the interim I've found I need to plan on doing some workouts that I actually like. Turns out mile repeats is one of them.

Last set of mile repeats (I do 1mi x 3 right now) clocked in with an average pace of 9:40. Today's average pace 9:24. BOOM. And.. AND, I probably could've done more (damn putzing around in the morning!)

Mile 1: 9:35

Mile 2: 9:22

Mile 3: 9:14

AWESOME! This feels so good. I'm getting really excited for my next training cycle and all the improvements that are bound to come with it. Crazy!! :)


SupermomE12 said...

Great job! Sorry about the sleep adventures! maybe you need to set up a video camera. :)

Natalie said...

You were awesome this morning, so speedy!