Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am a Morning Person

In the next 36-48 hours we're supposed to get somewhere between 3 and 12 inches of snow, depending on the report. ummm BARF. Is this an APRIL FOOL's joke??? Honestly, this winter, in Albany, was awful. They got more snow than they know how to handle. And winter is far less enjoyable when your dad isn't around to shovel/brush off your car. however, the snow broom was an awesome advantage.

That's not me. It may be Tonya Harding. Watch your knees.

Anyway, it was like 55 this afternoon - likely the warmest it's been here sinces like september or something. So, i decided to run outside after work. Normally, i'm hauling my ass out of bed at 5/530ish to go to the gym (soon outside, i hope). Now, the transition to getting up early sucked. And some mornings, it still sucks. a lot. But, it was NOTHING compared to my miserable afternoon run.

I still ran a 10:24 pace, which is good! its right in line for where i need to be for my steady pace runs, according to mcmillan. However, since i had that kick ass 5k (on the same loop) a few weeks ago, anything less is a disappointment. Anyway, the crutch of the problem was I was super crampy. as i have been on other times i've run in the afternoon. But this time it was bad - not just "oh i have a cramp from running" but god-awful stomach cramps. That does not happen in the morning, ever.

So, see ya afternoon runs, you suck.

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Quinn said...

i wish i could get inspired by your early morning runs to get myself out of bed...maybe when the snow is finally over!!