Thursday, March 10, 2011

I feel like I waited too long

Everything at my job got put "on hold" yesterday, pending the outcome of the New York State budget - which isn't even due till April 1, and is often late (last year it didn't pass until like August.) So that means I have nearly nothing to do all day. Which is ok today, because I don't feel all that good. So I started following (read: stalking) a bunch of new blogs (mostly running related). And now I'm updating, from my work computer. Nice.

Anyway, I'm lamenting a bit about how long it took me to get into running. I just ran my first races last year. I'm running my first half marathon this year (Lake Placid, baby!). I'm 28, it took me a while. I thought about running track in high school but I never did it. I often regret that non-decision. However, what really irks me about not getting into it is that my dad is a runner. A really frigging good one at that. But, he can't run anymore :( He had foot surgery, and cancer, and now he cycles (yea right that my dad would give up endurance activity - he stopped running after the foot surgery and gained like 20 lbs, what felt like overnight haha)

When I was young I occasionally remember being dragged to my dad's races by my mom. But I didn't really know what was going on. We didn't go cheer him on when he ran the NYC marathon (3:09 time, only his third marathon ever, and he was 44) :( My poor dad. I feel like I missed out. I did miss out.

It was my dad that encouraged me to choose the Lake Placid half as my first half marathon. My parents love Lake Placid (they went to the Olympics there in 1980, they'd just gotten married and my grandfather was the technical director for the Olympic hockey team!). So my dad tells me it's a really pretty course, and despite the fact that there's a huge hill at the very end, I should do that one. Ok, it didn't take a whole lot of arm twisting.

The Lake Placid Marathon/Half-Marathon is in its sixth year. The first year, 2005, my dad ran the half and my great-aunt ran the full. (she is also awesome - click
here for her super inspirational story). I went to LP with my dad for that race. It was super pretty up there, and I remember looking down the hill at the end of the race for him and Aunt Mary to finish. (it is a beast of a hill). So, I decided to check up on it, see what kind of time my dad ran - now that I know what I'm talking about with all this running lingo, pace times, age groups etc.

It turns out my dad is pretty dang impressive because HE CAME IN 6TH!!!!!!!!! IN THE WHOLE RACE.

He finished in 1:21:25.2! WHAT?!?! He was 46 YEARS OLD !!!!!!! Turns out I've some pretty big shoes to fill.

I'm kind of sad that I can't run races with my dad :( But he's a big supporter of my running and he's got some knowledge to share! I want to find a team triathlon event. Do they have those? My dad can cycle, I'll run, and my little sister is a stupid awesome swimmer. It would be fun! A family team :)

Well, I'm off to my lunch break on this *very strenuous* work day. Mostly I just want to run home and see if/how badly our basement is flooding since it's been pouring out all morning. Fun.

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Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Your dad can fly Jennifer!!! WOw! I completely feel you on the state budget--I work for the state on WSU's campus and the cuts we are making are HUGE. I am hoping you are safe from any drastic changes!