Friday, March 4, 2011

Something I've never done before

Well, I went to yoga this morning at the gym. At 5:45. (something I've never done #1). I'll be doing it again, as long as there's a new instructor next week. The girl from today is UBER preggo, and today was her last class till the summer.

I need to do laundry reallllly bad (again, with the laundry on friday nights! ugh!). So I wore leggings to yoga (something I've never done #2). I'm not talking like workout legging thingys. I'm talking about the kind you get from express to wear under your sweater dresses or long drapsey tunics. Whatever, they turn the lights off for yoga anyway.

Let me give you some of the story from yoga this morning. Because it was a great way to start the day. I love the stretchiness of yoga, and the deep breathing. Corpse pose at the end gave me a chance to relax and figure out what I needed to get done at work. Easy peasy.

Anyway, the good stuff. I go into the group class room and set up my pretty purple yoga mat and take my shoes off and attempt to warm my freezing self. There's already a pink mat laying on the floor. But I'm the only one in the room. So then a dude comes in. We'll call him Yuri, because he said hello in a very thick russian/eastern european accent. He seemed nice enough. I've seen him there before. It's not unusual for guys to go to yoga at my gym. Ok cool. Instructor comes in. Lights off. Mountain pose, Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe. awesome - the pink mat is still not claimed. just before we start active poses, this GIANT 6'5" 275lb black dude walks in. The pink mat is his. This may seem like "ok, whatever Jen, who cares." But at 545 am, it was hilarious. Made my day.

Something I've never done, #3 - this is the big one. Long run this weekend is 7 miles. The longest I've ever run is 10k. Gulp. And apparently it's supposed
to pour here and flood everything all weekend :( I'm trying to prepare myself for this, mentally. I think I'm going to do it on Sunday. GULP. I need your positive energy, blogosphere! wish me luck :)

After my run, I will spend the rest of my day looking like this - except human, hopefully.


Natalie said...

The yoga comment definitely made me chuckle (and as I'm in Panera, probably not the best idea)

You can do this run, just remember its not even an extra 10 minutes between 6.2 and 7! Just think Brock Trot all the way, especially that bitchin' hill and you'll cruise through it

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I like this theme of something I've never done!!! Hope you get a better yogi--or just 1 instead of one-and-a-half!! ha ha!

JC said...

hahah @ Jess. I've done yoga a bunch, but I was the best one there this morning. "Yuri" was pretty good too. I've just never gone at 545 AM before. YIKES! next time - real workout pants, not leggings! which reminds me, time to switch the laundry!