Wednesday, March 2, 2011

leg day and animal interactions

I love leg days. They are hard, but I just feel they are making me super strong. And they probably are. I used to lift much heavier when I wasn't focused on running. So now I lay off a bit, lighter weight, higher reps. I don't want to be too sore because I need to run!

Do weighlifting days count for cross training? When I do upper body, I will do the elliptical or something after. But legs take forever, and my legs are jelly by the end. I count them as cross training, hope that's ok :)

My back is not as bad today. A little tight ish, but not as much pain. I just foam rolled the crap out of my legs and hip and did some yoga stretches so I'm feeling pretty good.

In other news:

There's been a bit of tension in the house the last two days. My roomie got a dog. Toby. He's a carrin terrier (think: Toto). He's a really sweet boy.

However, Dinah has always been an "only pet." So she's had some adjustments to go through. We've had Tobes for about 5 weeks. Sometimes they do nose kisses! so cute ( I do not have a picture of that, it doesn't last long). But, last week Dinah tried to play with Toby - cat playing looks a lot like cat attacking from the dog's point of view. So that hasn't really worked out.

Well yesterday Dinah was sitting under the coffee table by my feet (I didn't see her) and Toby ran over demanding attention from me. Dinah was not having that - afterall, Toby chases her out of the living room if she comes withing looking distance of his stupid raw hide bones. So, Dinah starts hissing like a psycho and SWATTED at him! hahah. He didn't get hurt. I don't even think she made contact. But she's stopped being scared and started staking out her territory. Like last week when she puffed up and chased him out of the bedroom threshold. He's not allowed in my bedroom, that's very well established DINAH space.

Overall, they are coexisting quite well. The transition is much better than I anticipated. I do heart Toby. But Dinah is my precious sweet! How could you not love this face?


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Dinah has a buddy!! yay! Toby is pretty freaking cute!

JC said...

Last night's super loud hissing and lunging session makes me define "buddy" very broadly ;) haha.