Friday, March 18, 2011

Working for the Weekend!

"Working" should be defined very liberally. We're still "on hold" which means I spend most days looking around for other jobs where you actually have to do something and I don't have to go to bed guilt ridden because I spent all day reading running blogs and got paid for it :(

Today at work, I mapped out my long run for Sunday. 7.5 miles. I'm going over it in my head, and I've written it down so that I can memorize it, and I like to know where the mile markers are. All of this would be alleviated by a garmin, if someone would like to give me one. Just sayin' ;)

Now, I will get myself mentally prepared. Amp myself up for the run. Plan out some healthy, proper fueling meals for today and tomorrow. Make sure I have sufficient recovery food. (read: chocolate milk)

Today I did 4 miles at a 10:15 pace. I'm pretty satisfied. particularly since I am out of a few things, so I didn't have anything to eat before the run. My goal pace for the half is about 10:18. So yes, satisfied. I'll take it!

I received some encouraging words from my dad last night via email. "mind over matter" sage dad advice - it applies to pretty much everything, but particularly so with running. Other wise-dad-isms include "patience is a virtue" and "silence is golden" though those don't really apply to running as much as they did to me being an impatient, overly annoying teenager some 10-15 years ago (wow, I'm old). Another great dad phrase is "if your arms are moving your legs are moving" - my dad's mantra for dealing with tough hills.

I really enjoy the fact that my weekends revolve around running. I don't have much else to do really. I don't have any family in the area, no dumb boyfriend to take up my precious "Jen" time, and no kids. So, I guess this is the prime time to get my train on. Every other weekend I volunteer at the cat shelter (which I LOVE. Yea, I know this paragraph puts me in the crazy cat lady category; I've come to accept it). So run and kitties, what else could one possibly need? AND to make this weekend EVEN BETTER abc family has a harry potter weekend. Hello recovery on the couch!


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