Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I love the most about running

First – I’d like to thank all of you that commented on yesterday’s post about the cats! The shelter did a great job during feline fest! The final count of the weekend isn’t in yet, but we were very realistically hoping to reach 100 cat adoptions for the weekend! Smile
While I’m running, I have a tendency to think mostly about what I'm doing. On longer runs there is some soul searching, but mostly I’m trying to pay attention to my legs, stomach, core, and breathing. Or battling this constant stuffiness I seem to have – which is seriously impeding my ability to breath normally on runs. Annoying.
But, what I love most about running, even the not-so-great runs, is the way I feel after. The endorphins get flowing, I’ve rehydrated a bit, stretched, logged my run on daily mile. When I stand again …
I feel strong
I feel powerful
I feel healthy
I feel happy
I feel inspired
I feel worthwhile
I feel productive
I feel confident
I feel better than I would’ve if I slept through the morning
I feel better than I would’ve laying around hung over
I feel purged
I get in the shower and wash away the salt, the sweat, and any lingering negativity. I begin the day with a strong sense of self, a peace of mind, a calm sturdy poise.
THAT’s why I love running.

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