Monday, July 4, 2011

Changing it Up

For quite sometime now I've been eating eggs for breakfast. 2 eggs scrambled (no milk - that's kind of the point of all this, be patient!) with maybe some cheese and veggies. Every.Day. It does not take that long to scramble and cook eggs for all those people wondering "how do you possibly workout, make eggs, AND get to work on time." I also have no children to take care of in the morning. The cat's pretty low maintenance...

I like cereal. Well, I like certain cereals. I like them a lot. But what I don't like is milk. I don't think I'm lactose intolerant because I eat more than my fair share of cheese and ice cream (hey, maybe I should cut that out...). But just plain old milk makes me feel GROSS. It doesn't last long, but its enough for me to not want it. Also, milk goes bad super fast. For a while I was only using it in cereal because drinking a glass of it just seemed revolting (unless there was chocolate in it? then I wanted it, but it still makes me queasy). So - icky stomach + milk going sour wicked fast = no thanks.
Then I started running. Now, there were all these people/sites/articles telling me to refuel after long runs with chocolate milk. HELLO! I love chocolate. I tried. I really did. It DID help with recovery; it did my belly no favors. Then one day as I was meandering through the grocery store I noticed SILK DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND MILK.


Of course I bought it. It was delish. I am hoping this has the same recovery benefits as regular milk - i can't imagine that it doesn't. AND it lasts "forever" as compared to traditional dairy milk. It has taken me approximately 3 months since the discovery of this dark chocolate almond milk to draw the connection that there is regular (not chocolate) almond milk, and I could put that in my cereal. (listen, sometimes i'm not so quick to the line, here. don't judge).

Yesterday I bought some delicious Special K Vanilla Almond, some fresh raspberries, and some plain old almond milk. Post-gym breakfast HEAVEN!!

The return of cereal to my breakfast menu.

And look! Dinah likes it too!!! jerk cat.

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