Friday, July 15, 2011

Running Relief

This morning it was 58* with nearly 0 humidity. Sunny, even a bit cool. PERFECT.

I woke up this morning with the intention of doing a tempo run on the treadmill (history shows I'm absolutely horrible at packing myself outside. I regularly run one mile :10-:20 slower/faster than the previous. Uh, that's a huge change in pace. Unless it's a long run, but still, my variation from mile to mile is extreme.)

I had a bit of trouble getting out of bed. Yesterday was long freaking day. And, Dinah has settled into a new sleeping pattern that makes her doubly cuddly (i didn't know that was even possible). I fished around blindly for my blackberry. Squinted my eyes, held it two inches from my face, and check my RW quote of the day email, and the weather (regular morning routine). As soon as I saw that the temp was still below 60, I ditched those treadmill plans. I needed to conquer this 3 mile loop that's been plaguing me the last 2 weeks.

I set out from my apartment. I give myself the first half mile to get warmed up before trying to push the pace. I felt like I was just plodding along, but I was, miraculously, holding a fairly steady 10:00ish pace. WHOA. It felt good. I kept at it. I kept looking down and seeing my garmin pace occasionally in the 9s. I love that. Honestly, I was pushing, smiling, flying. At mile two I stopped briefly, I burped, and it did not come up unaccompanied (likely from having eaten like crap y'day). I have never puked from working out (yet), and I really didn't want to start today. I chilled in the shade for like :30 to catch my breath and make sure my belly was ok, then I took off again. The traffic lights cooperated and I was able to cross the street and head towards my apt for that last .03 (I always end up having to run away from my apartment due to the annoying .03 miles shortness of the straightaway I finish on.).

Mile 1: 10:11 (H.O.L.L.A! huge smile!)

Mile 2: 10:12 (who is this girl, keeping pace?)

Mile 3: 10:17 - I didn't actually see this mile split till I was home because I pushed the stop button too fast, but I was really impressed with my consistency.

3mile average: 10:14!! YAY! My last two treadmill tempo runs have had average paces of 10:08 and 10:06. And that's on the treadmill, usually with only a .5 incline. (sometimes 0 incline. cheater, cheater). So, I think 10:14, outside, on that dang loop that's been crushing my soul for 2 weeks is freaking awesome.

Feeling much much better about running today :)

Keep your eyes peeled this weekend for Volume 1 of "The Newbie Chronicles"

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