Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Anyone can run 20 miles, it's the last 6.2 that kill ya."

Well,  consensus seems to be if you're gonna train for a marathon, you might as well run one. Or, as my dad says: "Anyone can run 20 miles, it's the last 6.2 that kill ya." nice.

I think I should stop jumping the gun. I have "need-to-train" anxiety. Or, as Happiness One Mile at a Time calls it, an addiction, who knows. What I do know, is that my next training plan calls for an extra day of running as compared to my last (going from 4 days of running/week, to 5). Assuming this doesn't lead to any IT band problems, hopefully this will satiate my need for the challenge of higher mileage... for now.

I'm quite certain that soon enough I'll catch the marathon bug, and then we'll be on our next journey. But, I think I'm bug clear - at least as far as a 2011 marathon is concerned.

Let's talk summer time dehydration (hang on, I need to fill my water bottle...AGAIN)...

Seriously, the past few days have been rough on my body. I chalked Sunday's slow "long" run up to not having run more than 5 miles since the half. I told myself Monday's half-hearted cross training workout was due to really hard workouts the few days prior. I convinced myself it was ok to sleep in yesterday because... hmmm I can't really remember why now. But today's mile repeat attempt was a DISASTER.

My first mile was tough, as it should be. But as soon as I hit the end of the mile for my 'rest' interval, it hit - nausea. I was irritated and fought through it for another 3/4 mile of the next interval. Then the reflux happened and .... walking. I walked for .2 miles till my stomach calmed down and finished out a rough three mile run at 10:11 average pace (still pretty decent pace, for me).

The stomach issues. did. not. stop.

I was not even able to take a sip of water for an HOUR after the gym without feeling like it was coming back up. Some how I managed to force down some b'fast before work. I felt nasty all morning. Mid-morning, I ventured into the world of gotein shakes. (I won a giveaway on their facebook!) It helped! I felt a little better. But an hour or so after it was gone - more stomach nast, now accompanied by random hunger pangs.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich. It was good. But as soon as I stopped eating I felt horrible- for hours. Oh, hey, say the people I'd been complaining to, maybe you're dehydrated.


Our central air sucks, and the bedrooms in our apartment are SO WARM, even with the AC on. Accompanied with the facts that I've 1. woken up sweaty every day, 2. sweat like a psycho every time I workout  and 3. I have not upped my water in take since the weather got warmer.

uh, duh. Definitely dehydrated. I was able to take small sips of water, every few minutes, for an hour or so after the lunch grossness passed, and I'm feeling better. I need to get some electrolytes in me, I think, and a pot of rooibus tea should also help.

Lesson learned: drink more water! Take my advice, don't get hit with the stomach nast!


Natalie said...

I agree with your dad, the last 6.2 suck, especially as thats what Liam and I said this morning :)


Tricia said...

yes! SO important to stay hydrated and BE hydrated before you ever even set out for that run

Lindsey said...

Hey, I just looked at your racing prs, and it looks like we run at about the same pace - cool!

Yuck, sorry you were feeling so sick! Drinkdrinkdrinkdrink! :)