Thursday, July 7, 2011

Three Things Thursssssssssssday!

1. I have an extreme phobia of bugs. For example, a fly just landed on my boob - at work. I FREAKED THE HELL OUT. I ran, I whined, I almost cried. My co-worker didn't even kill it! Rude. She did run around my cube with her shoe in her hand for several minutes though. My boss then informed me that when flies land on you it's because they are vom'ing up their food to re-eat it. Guess what, that sucker didn't have time to re-eat anything. Therefore, there is now microscopic fly puke on my boob. GROSS.

2. I just found a cold stone gift card in my wallet. I checked, it only has $3 left on it. That won't buy you bumpkis at Cold Stone, but I'm going anyway! YES.

3. I had subway for lunch - turkey sub with veggies and AVOCADO. Awesome. I pretty much inhaled it - about an hour ago. Just now found a giant piece of bread in my bra. Keeping it class folks! (it musta been wedged in there pretty good to survived the fly incident).

You're welcome for the insight into my crazy. Maybe tomorrow I'll talk about running again.

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Haha, love your three things! I'm okay with flies, but there are tons of bugs that creep me out like that!