Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Training Plan Started!!!

Yesterday! woo! Mondays are strength and stretch days according to my plan. I'm using an intermediate half marathon training program from Hal Higdon - I'll post more training plan related details at a later date. It adds in an extra day of running that what I usually do (up to 5 days/week from 4), so we'll see how that goes for a few weeks. If it's too much on the legs/ITband then I'll turn one of those days into xtraining.

I was a little irritated with myself yesterday because I'm a morning workout-er, and I slept through morning workout time. However, I redeemed myself by coming home in the afternoon and doing a pretty intense upper body and core workout at home. I'm sore today, so I did something right! :)

Today was the first run and dang oh dang was it humid. 92% humidity. 0 fun, 0 funny. I even added in a hill. That was torture. However, I kept telling myself, push through this now, and you will be so much stronger when the summer temps fade into fall. That worked :)

3 miles at 10:49 average pace. yes, slow - however, tuesday's are easy runs. Also this 10:50ish pace seems to be my normal "its super freaking humid out and i hate this" pace. Yes, still whining about the humidity. hahah.

I am really excited to get going on this plan. I bought a ridiculous amount of healthy groceries to aid in my getting speedy. However, this weekend will involve some indulgence- it's the last birthday I will ever have where I turn another age older. ;) I'll be 29 on saturday, and for the rest of my life.


SupermomE12 said...

I love having a training plan! You will do great. :)

And Happy Birthday!! Don't be afraid of 30. So far my 30's are SO much better than my 20's were!!

Morgan said...

Hal's plans are some of the best around, I know so many people that have found success using his plans. Good luck girl and thanks for the support!!!!

P.S. Don't ever worry about the slower paced days, those help you build endurance for the long run.