Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Thing Thursday!!!

Happy Thursday ya'll!

1. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y  wooo. My bday is on saturday! :) I kind of can't believe I'll be 29 - I certainly don't feel like I'm 29. Tomorrow I'm having drinks with friends after work to celebrate. I'm actually planning on keeping the weekend pretty low key, I am training after all ;)

2. Training - yesterday I did my first speed workout of the plan. 400s. I haven't done 400s in many many weeks. I ended up doing them on the TM in the afternoon because I'm ridiculous and drove around two 2 different tracks y'day AM and didn't know where to park/if i could really use them/how to get in with all the fences? So next speed workout, i'll cut the crap and just use UAlbany's track. I mean, I do work here, so I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to use it. Now i just need to find it.....

3. Natalie wanted me to do a post about her being in England. So - Natalie is in England, visiting the fam, being whisked off to London by her parents, kissing giant teddy bears, refusing to bring one back for me (rude), and generally continuing on her marathon training (right?!?!??!) and I've noticed my blog hits from the UK have gone up considerably since she moved her stalking-self across the pond. I'm sure she's drinking tons of tea, and eating crumpets or something. and by crumpets i mean Percy Pigs. She went to the cadbury factory outlet, I resisted, this time, having anything brought back for me. But dang, they make some good chocolate. And I will tell ya, the stuff that comes from there is way, way, way better than the cadbury chocolate you buy in rite aide.


Natalie said...

WOOHOO! A "thing" about me!
I am continuing with my marathon training! I had an unscheduled rest day today as I can hardly move from my work out yesterday! tomorrow is 6 miles, saturday 13 then sunday 3! :)

I've not had any crumpets or Percy Pigs yet, but I have been drinking tea!
Awesome job on the 400s btw and happy birthday for Sat, wish I could be there! Don't have too many beers!

Natalie said...

Uh and the giant teddy bear was 1900 POUNDS!!!

Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner said...

Happy almost Birthday!!!! Have a fab weekend!