Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Speed Work Wednesday

Wednesdays are speed work on my training plan (which I promised to post more about and haven't yet, sorry. I will, I promise, I hope). Anyway, the weeks alternate between 400meter repeats and tempo runs. This week was 6x400. I do my speed work on the treadmill because, well, I'm scurred to go to the track. Lame excuse? totally. But! on the TM I keep a consistent pace for the whole 400, whereas on the track I know I'd let myself slack on the pushing. I should; however, go to the track and do a few 400s to at least see where I "really" stand.

I did each 400 today at 6.9 on the TM. That's a 2:10 400, six times. WOO! In January I was running my fast interval for 400s (or less) at like a 6.2 on the TM. Now I run tempos and mile repeats at/around that pace. IMPROVEMENT! intervals 4 and 5 were the hardest. I don't know why the last 400 on the TM always seems to go by the fastest. I double check my math as I'm counting down those last 100ths of a mile. But my math is always right the first time (weird). I'm not complaining. I like when they go by fast!

I was super pleased with my speed work. I left the gym with my super sweat on, and a positive attitude for the day. I came home to foam roll and stretch and Toby (roomie's dog, if you're new here) decided he wanted to stretch with me. He rocks at up and down dog - whoda thunk? haha. Then I got out the foam roller, set myself up, put all my weight on those knots in my ITB and held back the tears. Toby reached into his toy box, pulled out this stuffed John Deere squeek toy bone, laid it on the floor next to me, and put his paw on top of it - mimicking my foam rolling. It was hilarious. I wish I'd been able to get a picture. That dog rocks. (he's not always that smart though, don't be TOO impressed).

This weekend I'm headed to NYC/LI to visit some of my favorite peeps. My plan actually calls for a rest day friday and saturday and a 5k race sunday. Well, I don't have a race on sunday. So, I figured I would just run a timed 5K Sunday evening after I got back. My NYC friends always have tons of fun stuff planned to do when I come down there. So I was crossing my fingers I wouldn't be too beat to get in at least 3 solid, speedy miles (even though I secretly wanted a long run).  Then, yesterday I get this text:

"Do you need to fit a run in, bc you can Saturday AM... we have nothing planned"

Um hi! awesome friends! thank you for accommodating my training into our social plan! yay! So now i'll get to get a med-long run in in Brooklyn! so excited! Running somewhere new should be fun :) I'm aiming for only like 5ish miles because we have a lot planned for that afternoon/evening and those city people walk EVERYwhere....

Happy Hump Day! :)


Keri @ Blue-Eyed Runner said...

Yayyyyy for speed work Wednesdays!!!!! AWESOME job on the workout and you have some amazing friends for being so flexible!!! Enjoy your trip to the city!

SupermomE12 said...

Great job!!!! Have a good trip! :)