Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not a Diet, but a Lifestyle Change

Sorry bloggy-land. I've been MIA. I was away all weekend and then things with work have been so nuts that the last thing I want to do when I come home at night is get on a computer.

All in all, training has been going all right. I did a hot hot hot run in brooklyn on saturday, and a good, cool run this morning. Nothing too exciting. I've got a tempo run in the morning, and I'm getting a bit nervous because my last tempo was a disaster. But, I'm trying to keep a positive outlook.

In other news, the next level of this lifestyle transformation. This year I've already trained for and ran one half marathon, and I'm training for my second, which is in 9 weeks (eeeek). However, I've not lost a single pound. wah. I have many a pound to loose. The problem is eating. My diet isn't the worst in the world, or the worst that it's ever been. But, clearly some serious overhaul is needed.

The problem, I've finally come to terms with, is I eat my stress (and my PMS). Irritation seems to be "alleviated" by munching away on whatever. It's not really alleviated though, I'm still irritated/stressed/frustrated. So the goal here over the next several weeks, is to try to recognize, actively, when I'm doing this, and do something else - go for a walk, lift some weights, read a book, or (novel idea) figure out what's really irritating me and how to solve it.

A lot of my ongoing stress is job related. For a year and a half my job has been in constant threat of ending due to economy/funding issues. I was even laid off for a hot second in april. Our contract ends in December and is contingent on a vote by a union membership that I'm not part of. Stressful. So, when i'm really worried about the job situation, instead of reaching for a rather unhealthy snack, I'm gonna hit up some job sites, or work on my resume, etc. Alternatives.

On the other end of things, I'm going to surround myself with healthy options. And not allow myself to make pit stops for crap. This will not only benefit my waistline, but my bottom line as well.

Any suggestions on heathy meals or snacks? Lunch and afternoon snack are my weak points. I just kind of phased out dessert after dinner some time ago - only occasionally will I have a late night snack.


Lindsey said...

Glad you're back! I need to do the same - sometimes I get a little carried away with the snacking. :\ Good luck!! :)

Natalie said...

I'm with you! I also have many a pound to lose! We should actually start going to the gym in the evenings to yoga or something and we've been promising oh, for about a year! :)

I guess no cadbury chocolate for you???

I'm also glad for the blog post! I can't blog stalk you unless you post! Fear not though, I shall be back on Tuesday and the texting will commence once more.

LawGirl said...

Its no secret to you that I agree that getting eating under control is soooo hard!

As far as afternoon snacks, you know I love apples and pb. I also will sometimes take a 50 calorie whole wheat wrap and melt string cheese in it in the microwave, its like a low cal quesadilla. I also like greek yogurt with some high fiber cereal thrown in. I keep a can of nuts in my desk for those times I just need to snack, as long as I watch my serving size they're a great snack.

Lunches are a work I progress for me. I alternate between salads loaded with veggies and turkey wraps on flat out wraps (only 90calories each). I always have some fresh veggies, cukes and tomatoes are amazing this time of year, and a hard boiled egg. The veggies are great because I get to eat more and for longer without lots of extra calories.

Glad my BB finally let me comment!

SupermomE12 said...

I hope the tempo run went well!!

It took me a while to learn how to eat when I was hungry and not just emotional. I read somewhere that before you eat anything you should ask yourself if you are really hungry and if you really need to eat it, and then wait 15 minutes. If in 15 minutes you are still hungry and really want it, then eat it. Usually if it is something "bad" or if you are eating for a reason other than being hungry, in 15 minutes you can move on.

Having healthy snack options around for when you are hungry is really helpful too! I find if I plan out my food for a day it is a lot easier to eat well. Good luck! You can do it. :)