Monday, August 29, 2011

Rock You Like A Hurricane!

What a crazy week last week was. I shuffled things around a bit due to feeling pretty run down. That came back to bite me.

I had a cut back week on the plan this week - an extra rest day. According to the hard and fast schedule, it was two rest days (Fri and Sat) and a 10k race Sunday. I didn't have a race on the schedule, so I originally planned to do a timed 10k in place of a race.

However, Monday and Tuesday I felt awful, so I decided to move one of my weekend rest days to Tuesday to give myself a break. We also had an earthquake. That has nothing to do with running, but it was weird, dude. I've never felt one before. No one in this area knows what to do when something like that happens. So the west coast can laugh it off and poke fun. LA, when you get a freak ONE speck of snow, then we'll talk, mmmkay?

So, Wednesday I ran. 3 miserably slow miles. I felt awful. I mean, I felt better having done them than not, but still, it was rough.

Thursday I. FREAKING. ROCKED. I went to the gym after work (stress is still f'ing with my sleep schedule). I had a tempo run on schedule for 40 mins. I did 4 miles with the last two below 10min/miles (9:47 and 9:35). I felt so strong the whole time it was freaking awesome!!!!

Thursday, easy run. I did it on the treadmill bc I wasn't feeling any of my regular running routes, and it was kinda hot in the afternoon. And i just felt like TM running. I knocked out a 5k on varying inclines. Decent run. However, I started to feel a strange twinge behind my left knee - never had that before. A friend warned me that's how trouble with her hamstring mainfested, so I took extra care with stretching.

Hurricane Irene f'ed up my plans to do a timed 10k. After three days straight of running, and a twingy left knee-back, I decided to just make it an easy 10K. I rocked it out, felt great. Legs were sore and heavy, but I still kept it up. Left knee-back was a bit weird so I've been stretching appropriately.

Yesterday = Hurricane. I didn't even shower. The city asked us not to do laundry so as to not tax the sewer systems, I figured it applied to showers too :) Plus, we were asked to stay home - not that anything was open anyway.  Today i'm resting too- just to be safe with this knee situation. Maybe some xtraining after work, but for whatever lame reason I only got 4 hours of sleep tonight. So i'm ok with just crashing after work.

On Hurricane Irene, I know this was *just* a Cat 1 hurricane, and I know by the time it hit us here in upstate NY/New England, it had downgraded to a tropical storm. However, hurricanes, period, are extremely rare for this part of the US. While I was not directly affected in any horrible way (minor basement flooding, lost power for a measly 3 hours), a LOT of upstate NY, Western MA, and Vermont are seeing flooding that hasn't come to these parts in over half a century. So, please, don't write this storm off as "no big deal" or accuse the government and media of over reacting. Towns just outside of Albany have been washed away, houses, bridges, cars GONE. This was not a joke for many people in this area. I'm really sick of people writing it off because it's sunny today, and they did not get hit with the brunt of it. It's rude, and the lack of compassion for the plight of those in communities, 15-20 minutes away is sickening.

People are so disappointing sometimes.

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Glad you made it through the hurricane ok. Definitely a good call on giving your knee a break!