Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not Bonking

This weekend I told my dad I wanted to run 4 half marathons next year.

These seemed like an odd statement to make since I'm not all that impressed with my training right now. It's not going poorly, really, but it's nothing to yap about either. Although, my attitude may be being negatively effected by other life stressors.

I only missed one run last week. I needed an extra rest day, i was TIRED. It worked out well, because I got in an awesome speedy run last friday, slightly unexpected, but still a great run. And then my long run on sunday was nice too. It was a bit slower that I would've liked, but my super lazy, stressed out self did not want to go to the store this weekend and get GU. So I made it an entire 8 miles, in an hour and a half, without taking in any cals, or bonking. When my dad was training for his marathons earlier in life (before energy gels and stuff like that) he just used water. all runs, just water. 20 freaking mile training runs, with water. That's insane to me. But, he did it - as did tons of other people.

After my long run I had to drive an hour to help move my sister in to college. I stretched and foam rolled and refueled and work recovery socks all day. but that night I actually had to get up out of bed and stretch and foam roll bc my legs were so tight. Not the most ideal situation, but it happens. I wasn't sore the next day! woo!

This week is a slight cutback week with a timed 10k on Sunday. I'm hoping for a pace around 10:35, which is close to my last 10k race pace back in... april? When was that race? It was cold, that's all I remember.

Speaking of cold - how about this cooler weather? Finally! I'm already looking forward to when I have to put the bed spread back on! yay fall!

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