Saturday, May 14, 2011

old blogs

I found an old blog of mine today. I kept it up for about a year from the time I graduated college through the year of law school I did. So we're talking 2004-2005 here folks. It was really cool to re read that journey. I only did one year of law school. I did not like it at all. I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life being a lawyer. It was interesting to reread my journey and recall the extreme level of stress i had during that point in my life. It's nuts really - how did I even make it through!? Not just from the work of law school, but I was so conflicted for much longer than I recall about my decision to leave. I do not regret it one bit. Why I only went for a year comes up in every job interview i've had since then. It.was.boring. I'm totally at peace with my decision. No regrets.

It was also cool to see how much I've grown - I commented on that blog several times about how "gross animals are." which is hilarious. My Dinah was sitting next to me while I was reading it - I volunteered at the humane society last night. Just weird how much I've changed.

No running today. IT band was acting up, so I took it easy so that I can do my long run tomorrow. The rest is helping - it's not nearly as tight. I foam rolled a bunch too - damn that lil sucker hurts!

I GOT NEW SHOES! yay! I'm a nike girl when it comes to running. I use the nike structure triax. I really like them. I think they will help a lot with the leg pain issue. Also, this time they are pink!!! I've always had blue since I started wearing them. I told the dude at fleet feet I didn't care what color they were - so the pink was a plesant surprise.

Tomorrow is 11 miles. Holy cow folks,

I made sauce today - my whole house smells delish. I'm about to have a huge bowl of pasta right now. I love my sauce. I *never* eat jarred tomoato sauce. Sounds snobby, but my shit is gooooood. I make it 10 quarts at a time. It freezes well, so I'll have it for months. This time around I put some meat in it - boneless pork ribs (a staple), and some hot and sweet sausage. mmmmm. I was going to make meatballs, but today got off to kind of a late start, and then i didn't realize how many errands I had to run. I'll make meatballs tomorrow. :)

Water's boiling. Time to cook.

11 miles. 11 miles. breaaaaaaaaaaathe.

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