Sunday, May 15, 2011

Long Run Fail

long run it was not. 3.75 miles. FAIL. I'm so frustrated. here's the recap -

It's pouring. I have new shoes. My hip/IT band, basically all of the outside of my left leg from mid shin to tail bone has been uncomfortable, to generalize. I decided to try out the long run on the treadmill. No rain on the treadmills. And i figured the flat consistent surface would be easier on the leg. well, despite my best intentions by mile 3 it hurt. I toughed it out for another .75, and it was on fire. I was so pissed.

What's also really frustrating, is that its not *really* just the IT band. The pain associated with the original injury - hyper extended back when i was 15, though I've never really been clear on what the actual diagnosis was, regardless I was on bed rest for 2 weeks yuck. There's a pinching. about two inches below my tail bone into my left butt area. not good, not good.

My long runs have just not been good lately. But, as Nat pointed out, the last few may've sucked, but I did them. she's right (as always :-p) when I left the gym today (dragging my leg behind me) I felt like a quitter. I was so frustrated with myself. But nat's right- one run incomplete. just one. better to lay off, ice/stretch/foam roll/pay attention to myself, than push through a training run and not be able to walk without pain again for who knows how long and not race.

After some moping about, and a shower. I started some lunch and a pot of tea and decided on a new game plan for this week. honestly, today's outcome, while irritating, should not have come as much of a surprise. It hurt to walk friday and most of yesterday. I was running errands punching myself in the hip/thigh to loosen it up (can you say, red flag, hello).

Workout plan for this week:
Monday - elliptical 45-60mins. This will ensure that I still have some fitness, and it will give me the mental challenge I wasn't able to have today - elliptical is super boring after like 25-30 mins, but i have two issues of RW i haven't finished reading yet.

Tuesday - power yoga. yay!

Wednesday - medium long run 6-7 miles - i need the confidence boost.

Thursday - rest or xtrain (undecided)

Friday - 3-4 miles.

Saturday - rest

Sunday - 11 miles, take 2.

This is all contingent on how the hip is feeling. ice/stretching/foam rolling will be happening. paying attention is the key. and the appointment with the back doctor is on the 26th.

For today - I will spend the day facing a different mental challenge - cleaning the apartment. dun dun dun. won't Q be surprised when she comes home :)

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Natalie said...

You can do this! and I am always right! More people should listen to me :) I like you're new plan, you need to give yourself a break for a hot second here!
Just drink some tea and eat some chocolate (which I'm bringing back on Wednesday!)