Sunday, May 22, 2011

Miles of Smiles

My long run this weekend was 11 miles. I usually do long runs on sundays. However, I had to go to a bridal shower today, so I opted for a Saturday long run. It was a nice change of pace - for one, it kept me away from friday happy hour, haha.

If you've been following along the last few weeks, you know that my last few long runs have been tough. first attempt at 10 miles was a mess, I slept very little the night before and was super dehydrated. Second attempt was better, but still had to stop for walk breaks. first attempt at 11 miles was a complete fail. My IT band had been acting up since the first attempt at 10 miles. My leg was on fire and it just was not happening. I left the gym dragging my leg behind me and feeling pretty defeated. But yesterday, oh yesterday.

It was a great day for a run. It was about 55 out in the morning, overcast, but not raining. I had a new cute running outfit from Target (its gonna be my race day outfit!!). I was set to go. I was well rested. Well hydrated. I brought one gu and one pack of sports beans. I set out for my 11 miles and had a smile on from the get go.


The whole time. It was so great. I don't care if i looked creepy running around Albany with a huge smile on my face, fist pumping to my jams. I stopped twice (during miles 4 and 8) to stretch my hip as I felt it getting tight. I had only 2 concerns during the run. 1. as i ran away from my apt i realized i had forgotten to put on any vaseline to prevent chafing - it was a new outfit, so I was particularly concerned. 2. briefly during miles 3 and 5 the sun came out - i did not put on sunblock, which is bad news for this casper. However, run was completed with no chafing, no sunburn, no walk breaks, no negative thoughts.

Simply awesome. I even did a dance in the bathroom as I waited for the shower to get warm. It was a slow run, 12:06 average pace. But, hey, i'm not that fast (yet) - so it's cool. Also, thats 30seconds a mile faster than my last long run. so woo!

Next week's long run is 12 miles - I'll be doing it in syracuse, as i'm headed home for the weekend. then - then its taper time. My first taper! Then I will go kill myself on the hills of Lake Placid. Yikes.  3 weeks!

I'm looking forward to the race. I am not sure if i can promise any great times, since i'm so concerned about the hills. There aren't hills like that in albany to train on, so its a bit nerve wracking. But it should be an awesome accomplishment regardless. Also, despite what time i get on this race. I'm still aiming for a 2:15 for the fall half - which is a flat one. so its totally attainable.

Here's to many more weekends of awesome runs!!

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Natalie said...

Woo! awesome! I can't believe this race is now 3 weeks away! and Saturday long runs rock :)