Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Things Thursday - in Pictures

Today's workout was 4 miles. First two were 125 ft decline, second 2 was right back up that betch. Tough, and already 65 degrees at 6 am. did NOT want to get out of bed, but oh so glad I did. WOO!

1. I am an anglophile. Nat happens to be British (confession: that may have something to do with why we are friends, jk jk.) Anyway, her sweetest mom bought me these teas when she heard I'd been laid off (faked off if you'd like, since i was offered my job back at the last second). L.O.V.E. I will probably never drink these teas but will use this package to decorate my desk for the rest of eternity - or until the next time I'm laid off, tee hee.
2. I am in love with Dark Chocolate Dreams Pb. mmmm My coworker gave me this cute little pack - which is good, a jar would involve eating, um, all of it. I'll admit, i did suck the last little bits right out of the package. No shame.

3. This is a picture of most of my new running shoes. I cut off the toes- they are uninteresting. The pink is the fun part. These shoes are really doing it for me. I have had little to no hip pain since I got them, minus the first run in them. woo! Tonight is my adjustment. It's gonna be awesome!


misszippy said...

That peanut butter is deadly! I get out of control when I buy it!!

Natalie said...

No more tea for you! or chocolate!

Tricia said...

yippeee for new shoes