Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Riddance

I was flipping through the channels last night when I saw MSNBC had a headline regarding an Obama press conference at 10:30. Weird, I thought. Glad I stuck around for the good news. We've been chasing that sucker for nearly 15 years. 'bout time we got him! See ya, Bin Laden. I hope you like swimmin' with the fishies!

In other good news - I got UNlaid off!!! Can you even believe that? My last day was supposed to be Friday, April 29. Thursday at 3:30 my boss calls me in his office and offers me my job back! Apparently, our agency sponsor realized they couldn't possibily get all the things they wanted from our program without restoring some staffing. So, I'm back, baby! full time! My coworker who was also laid off was offered a part time position. So yay!!! :)

I have had to take a few days off running. My IT band is flaring up. I have a lot of hip and side leg pain. I know my hips are off and I am trying to get an appointment with my doctor. I also need new shoes. I ran today, and it felt OK during. But after it got really sore. I've stretched and foam rolled, and finally just caved and popped a few motrin. I'm really hoping some new shoes will help clear this up quickly. Lake Placid is 6 weeks away! ahhh!


Natalie said...

Woohoo for being unlaid off and boo for the IT band issues. You can't back out on LP lady! If you do, you have to do the FULL marathon in the fall! :) hehe

Running Ricig said...

Hope your IT band starts feeling better!!

It's like your job pulled a really mean joke on you. You're fired...psych! Glad you got your job back though!