Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back at it!

Well the hip seems to be ... ok. It did not bother me at all after sunday's long run. Yesterday I did 3.82 hilly miles outside. Not bad. They were a little more difficult than I hoped they would be, but its ok. I'm doing them.

The IT band was a bit tight after - foam rolling ensued. Also, I was really coughy. damn mucus. Also, as usual with me and afternoon runs, I was *really* crampy toward the end. I hate that! I have been tossing around this really radical challenge - no cheese for a week. I think it will help with afternoon cramps when working out and mucus while running issues. Besides yogurt and cheese (uh, and ice cream) I don't do a whole lot of other dairy intake. But let me tell you I eat a LOT of cheese - like every meal. So, no cheese for a week is going to be difficult. Maybe next week - I need to plan cheese-less meals and grocery shopping is in the future very soon.

Today I did ...........SPEED WORK! 8x400! woo! It was a bit slower than the last time I did speed work, but since it's been 3 weeks, and I was still able to bang out 8 intervals, I'm pleased. Particularly because I wanted to stop at 5 (uh, lame) and then I REALLY wanted to do the last 2 slower (also lame) neither of those things occurred. GO ME!!

There is some leg pain today :-/ I'm not particularly excited about this, but I stretched/foam rolled before and after running. And, genius me, did NOT wear heels to work today - about time. I'll keep up with my stretches and hopefully will have new shoes by next week. I think it'll help a lot.

Here's something totally random/weird/embarassing about myself - on sunday I wore sunblock for my run, since I knew I'd be out there for 2 hours, and it was VERY sunny. I did not, however, put any on my legs because I was wearing capris. When I got in the shower I spent a good 30 seconds trying to scrub the "dirt line" off my ankle. ... oh hey, tan! didn't know you existed!! I'm dumb hahaha.

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