Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tempo Runs and Data

This morning's work out was a tempo run. Last week's tempo run was kind of a fail. I went to hard too soon. I'm still trying to figure out what tempo is the right tempo etc. McMillan is definetly helping with that.

I did a half mile warm up at 10:54 pace
3 miles at 10:09
1 mile t 10:00 (threw in an incline in the last quarter mile. boom)
Average Pace 4.5 miles: 10:13

It was an AWESOME run. just a few short weeks ago, it seems, 4.5 miles was "long run" territory. Now i'm banging it out before work on a tuesday. SO cool. It was a great run that put me in a great mood the rest of the day - the perfect kind.

I attended a MS Access training class the second half of the work day today. umm, i'm a geek. I loved it. If I could go back and get a second bachelors (two bachelors' to match my nearly two masters? why not?) I would TOTALLY get it in Information Science. The ability to manage, manipulate and analyze data using technology was not emphasized enough during my undergrad years. Even as a history major/masters, knowing now to use databases would've been AWESOME. I'm creating one (from scratch!) for a project for work (that I initiated!). I'm so stoked about it I might wear my glasses to work tomorrow, and tape the nose bridge with masking tape for effect :)

Speaking of data. DUN DUN DUN. my taxes were deposited early and I ordered my Garmin and it's shipped! it'll be here thursday! YES!!! I've got 9 miles on the schedule for sunday, it's going to be so awesome to have all that information on the back of my wrist!

And, to boot, I signed up for the 10k on the 16th today too. I'm pretty sure i could've held today's tempo pace for 6.2. So here's to hoping I set an awesome PR in two weeks!

YAY! hope everyone had a great Tuesday! On to hump day!

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Anonymous said...

1- love this tempo recap!
2- i need a garmin as well....
3- you're going to rock that 10K and the 9miler this weekend
4- keep us posted :)