Monday, April 18, 2011

Marathon Monday!

One awesome thing about getting laid off was that I, guilt free, followed the Boston Marthon obsessively on twitter from my work computer. And discussed the unfolding events, in normal voice, with my co-worker over the cube wall. Everyone feels insanely bad at work about this situation and pretty much lets me do what I want. For example, I came to work an hour + late today - for a good reason, to be revealed shortly.

I'm still slightly reveling in my awesome PR from saturday. Official race results are up and my "official" time is 1:06 even. :) 7:48 PR. FANTASTIC.

Reflections on this race - i really had a boost in my "ability to race" confidence. After the 5 miler last month I did not think I really had any concept of how to race. How to pace, push myself,  be agressive (be-E agressive). I'll admit, the garmin really did help. I really don't have a "feel" for pacing, so having the garmin really does help me out. This was also a small race so I 1. went out way to fast, 2. didn't have too much of a pack to compete with. I passed 2 people in the last .4 miles. so that was pretty awesome. I also took a page out of the book of sweat and fist pumped the guy that shouted at mile 3.5 that the rest of the course was flat. He and his buddy responded with super loud whooping.

Anyway, after the runners high wore off, the reality of my situation started to set in. So Q and I drank beer. We watched "The Other Guys" parts of which were filmed right here in Albany. We decided to make a game of it and "drink" any time you saw something from Albany. well - the police station scenes looked like a boring office, so that must obviously be a state building (sarcasm) drink. Blatantly obvious NYC landmarks (empire state building, GW bridge, times square), got shouts of ALBANY, drink. And then, some chase scense really were albany! DRINK DRINK!

Needless to say, I didn't do my long run sunday. It wasn't as if we were wasted or went over board. But i was tired. my legs were lead.  Also, the reality was hitting hard. I cried a bunch. I'm scared, i'm not gonna lie. I found a bunch of jobs to apply for (yay) but still. There are a LOT of people looking for jobs, with more qualifications than I. It's a scary prospect. So i spent the whole day in bed. reasonable. ugh.

However, this morning I woke up and knew I HAD to run. So i grabbed a gu and went to the gym and determined I would just keep running until I was confident I could go to work without busting into tears. 8.34 miles later, I went home and emailed my boss that I was going to be late. I wore compression socks and sneakers to work. No one cared. So no biggie.

Bad news is - i did not wear my normal long run clothes and now have more chafing that i ever want to have again. ugh. I applied for a few jobs today. And have more cover letters to write tomorrow. Hopefully resolution soon.

In the mean time:

running > reality

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