Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth, what a concept

Happy Earth Day y'all!

I've done zero earth friendly things so far today :( I figure it's made up for by the exteme guilt I would feel as a child every earth day and try to plant trees from "helicopters" (from maple trees) in my back yard, and at 6 years old I'd haul a garbage bag down the road to clean up the beer cans and fast food wrappers our white trash neighbors left all over the neighborhood. I did coast all the way home from the gym this morning, instead of driving like an ass, like I usually do. but that had more to do with my gas light being on. Say la vee.

I did a 4 mile tempo run today average pace 10:09! yay!. yesterday I did pushups. Um hi, those are hard. I'm actually sore today - I didn't even do that many :-[ 

I have been trying to pay more attention to stretching and foam rolling because for some reason i've really fallen off that wagon - which seems like a stupid move. get it together girl, get it together.

This weekend is a big one folks. Double digits. Oh yea, that's right - my first 10 miler. I'm looking forward to it actually. It should go ok, i've nearly plotted out a route, but i was doing it on and every once in a while i accidentally hit that little hand thing in the middle and i go from nearly sidewalk view to world view. Anyway, when it happened the second time I decided to call it quits and try again another day. ;)

Job search update - had a phone interview on wednesday for a job i think would be really really cool. Fingers crossed.

Finally, this usually isn't my MO but I figure considering the circumstances some positive energy could possibly be really helpful. for those of you that pray, please keep my coworker in your prayers, her twin brother passed away yesterday unexpectedly. Her family has had to deal with a really unfair amount of hardship the past few years. My heart just aches for them. If you don't pray, positive energy and thoughts sent her way will do!

Thanks :)

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