Saturday, April 9, 2011


Well Bloggy Peeps, it’s been a busy busy week!

After my tempo run, this week, I did 400s with negative spilts (woo!). Then on Friday, with my new garmin in hand, I did a three miler outside. So fun! having the garmin totally made me run my tail off. I kept looking down thinking “I can go faster than this!” Which. in the end, just made me want to die. haha

Anyway, with the tax return, I went a little gear shopping nuts. I got a few things, all of which I’m excited to use with tomorrow’s long run/recovery.


My new garmin. It’s so cool. I love all the cool junk I can do with it.

water bottle 1

My new Amphipod handheld! It’s a 12oz water bottle with a strap and pocket on the back. Its really light and its got a cool design so you don’t really have to grip the bottle.

water bottle 2

Here’s the pocket. It’s big enough to hold my ipod and some gu! so cool!

recovery socks

COMPRESSION SOCKS! woo! I went with “the recovery sock” these are their breast cancer donation model. I’ve been wearing them most of the afternoon due to a strange pain in my left shin/side calf area. I’m not entirely sure it’s running related. It’s tender to the touch – I probably whacked it on something. Not surprising.

running socks

Compression Running socks. Also from “the recovery sock” these came in a “package” with the compression socks. I’m really excited to wear them on tomorrow’s long run!


Well folks. I’m off to cuddle with my Dinah-kitten and watch a movie while I finish up my laundry. I’ll be back tomorrow with a long run recap!


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