Monday, April 11, 2011

Long Run recap - a day late

Um so sorry I didn't update yesterday with the long run recap. I was just too tired. I attempted to be productive for a while (went to the drug store, pulled out articles to work on master's thesis #2, did not read any, whoops).  Usually after long runs I "treat" myself to Starbucks. It's not so much an "I can have all these calories because I just burned off a day's worth" as an, ok you just ran a bajillion miles, go ahead and spend too much money on a cup of coffee. I get my coffee black, with sugar-free caramel and 2 splenda. So yea, minimal calories. I did NOT do this yesterday, and therefore did NOT get anything of significance done after my run.

Now, on to the good stuff. The run:

9 miles
Average pace: 11:25

BOOM - on pace for a 2:30 finish

Also - this is the first week I've hit 20 miles/week ever in my life. :D

I felt, surprisingly, really good during/after the run. I pre-made a post run snack of frozen berries and greek yogurt to eat immediately after, foam rolled, iced ankles, and put on compression socks all within an hour of the run (yes, and showered). That was probably the reason I am NOT REALLY SORE AT ALL today! :) YES!!

The run was great. The weather was perfect. Warm, sunny, only a little wind. The new hand held water bottle was "awesomesauce" as all the cool bloggers say ;) Besides having water when I needed it, there was the mental relaxation of not worrying about 1. dehydration 2. my ridiculous mucus build up problem that I have when running. Ew. Sorry guys. It's a bit better when it's not cold out. But I've become a very lady-like (not) spitting PRO. hahah.

The run itself was awesome - a few unexpected hills on a new route. But all the better as Lake Placid is HILLY. I hit the 10K mark about 6 minutes below my current PR - on a slow long run - so I'm ready to kill that race in Saratoga this weekend. WOO! I tried out sports beans on the run (they rock) I think I only took in about 7 of them, but they still helped. I did not feel like dying at the end of my run. And even though I got to my apartment at 8.95 miles, I actually had the mental/physical stamina to keep going for that last .05. Which is not that far, however, it made me feel good to actually be doing it.

Could I have kept going yesterday for another 4.1 miles? Um, yes! I CAN DO THIS. I'm getting excited for this race. I can run a half marathon, and then rightfully define myself as a "runner" right along with "cat-lady" YAY!

Update on weird shin/calf pain - apparently the remedy was 9 miles. Zero pain yesterday or today. yay!

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Natalie said...

Awesome job! you already are a runner! :)