Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Need for Speed

This is my last week of "pre-training." Next week begins my half marathon training program. I'm really excited. I'm choosing a longer training program - 18 weeks, because I'm horribly inconsistent and I knew I'd slack off over the holidays. I need something to keep me on track, particularly since I have massive IT band flare ups when I don't run regularly.

I have spent the last several weeks treadmill running. At first I dreaded it- but the obnoxious amount of snow we've had in Albany this summer is putting a damper on out door running- not to mention most people here seem to have some sort of vendetta against clearing sidewalks and people that run/cycle in the road. So, as boring as treadmills are, I choose life. HAHA!

I've been doing a lot of pace-pushing on the treadmill - running for an hour at one pace is excruciatingly boring. So I've been amping up the speed intervals, and doing short high-tempoed runs. IT. IS. AWESOME. I really wanted to get my pace down to about a 10minute mile for the half marathon (I'm running the Lake Placid Half in June, it'll be my first at this distance). I am so surprised at how quickly I've become stronger and faster! It's so COOL!

Now, I can't wait for it to warm up so I can run some HILLS! omg, i'm nuts!!


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