Friday, February 25, 2011

Things I am in love with

There are a few things I'm currently in love with. I figured I'd share them, so you can love them too!

Oil of Olay Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer LOVE! I'm having the WORST late winter dry skin on my face. This stuff is working awesome. No more puffy irritation! I just started using it, ummm yesterday? But, I'm already noticing a difference. If you're suffering from dry winter skin I strongly recommend this product. I use it during the day time too, though I suspect after a few days, and the horribleness has clearned up I should prooobabaly just use it at night, with my regular moisturizer during the day. It's also currently on sale at Walgreens :)

Tennis Balls A friend of mine got me hooked on tennis balls a few years ago, then I forgot about them. Recent foam roller purchase, and constant headaches resulting (likely) from upper back pain and staring at a computer all day have reignited my interest in tennis balls. So I bought some. Concept is the same as a foam roller, except they are just the perfect size to massage those muscles between your spine and shoulder blade. I do this standing, against a wall - not laying down foam roller style - that would be most difficult. These are an excellent option for a long day with tense shoulders for the single girls out there without a fabby boyfriend/husband to loosen them up! hehehe. I am also using golf balls to get the same effect for the bottom of my feet!!

Dinah This isn't a new love. This is the three year old kind. My furry, purring, bundle of love. I'm writing this post sitting on my bed indian style (do people still say that? it doesn't seem very PC now that i'm not in 1st grade) and the laptop is in front of my legs, and my precious kitten is just standing on my legs purring away. And occasionally swishing he tail in my face. She's my first real pet (fair goldfish notwithstanding) and my darling sweet! She's always so excited to see me! She's also excellent company after long runs and races when i just want to lay in bed and ice and hydrate. Super cuddle buddy!

yea yea, I'm a crazy cat lady, secret is out.

Here's a few things I don't love (this list is REALLY long, as my friends know, so I'll keep it current) doing laundry on a friday night, this stupid unexpected snow storm, construction on the perimeter closing off a portion of the road so I can't run on it, and that stupid neighbor of mine that took up TWO parking spaces last night! GRRR.

Tomorrow is super busy - but it ends with a hockey game in Syracuse with my kickass little sister!!! YAY!

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