Sunday, February 13, 2011

running = blogging?

I started this blog a while back because sometimes I have witty nonsense to say and no one to say it to. Honestly, that's the reason. I figured it'd be a quick fad I went through since I was never much of the diary keeping type. However, it seems this blog has quickly transformed into a running blog. The more I run, the more I blog. I'm cool with that.

To follow up yesterday's shit-astic run, today I ran outside. It was awesome. It was awesome because I PR'd my 5k time. It was awesome because it was outside and cold. At first it really sucked - but there's a pretty decent hill at the beginning of my route that warmed me up quickly. I've been running this route for years. It's a loop that I usually run in the other direction - avoiding running UP the super steep hill in favor of a more gradual incline on the otherside. However, after running the brock trot last year I knew I could run UP that hill. However, despite the cold and not having run outside in 6 weeks, I felt powerful. I knew my pace was faster than I'd run the last time I was outside from the beginning. I thought I was pushing it because I was cold - to warm up faster. But, I didn't burn out. Then as I approached the last stretch of the route - the new lady gaga single came on my playlist and i booked it. I was huffing and puffing but i sprinted faster and longer than I normally do. I could.not.believe it when I hit the stopwatch at the end. I've NEVER run a 5k in under 32 minutes - even two years ago when I was 10lbs lighter and in way better shape (over all - I was mostly lifting then, low carb diet, pounds came off fast, but also probably why I never broke the 32 minute barrier).

So today I was redeemed.

Baby, I was born this way.

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