Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And it's begun

Monday began my half marathon training program. So far so good. monday's run only called for two miles. So i did some abs, chest, tris and shoulders first. BOOM. then I decided 2 miles was still too easy. So I ran it on an incline. AWESOME. :) :)

Today was speed intervals. I usually do two sets of four- today I upped it and did two sets of 5. I read recently you should do three sets?? Maybe next week I'll try three sets of four. Most of these things are dependent on me getting up early enough to get these extended workouts in before work. There's no way I'm going to the gym to run after work. If it were warmer and less icy, I'd be happy to run after work outside. But that's just not happening right now. ALTHOUGH - it's going to be 37 on sunday!!! THIRTY SEVEN!!! woo - i think i'll do my long run outside. nuts.

Tomorrow is a cross training day. I'm doing legs. I'm going to be so sore. ugh. The 20th is the first race day in my training schedule. I'm running a half marathon relay with two of my running buds. I'm doing the short leg - 5.7 miles. Should be good though - pre race season teaser. :)

Here's to good runs!

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