Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekly recap

I’ve decided to start blogging weekly recaps this year. I think it will help keep me accountable and I’ll be able to easily look over what I’ve done over time – improvements, changes and the like.

As a special “first recap” treat – we’re doing an 8day week –whaaat, somebody call the Beatles.

Sunday, Jan 1: Chest and Tris, 3 mile run @10:26/mile, 2 planks 1:15 and 1:00

Monday, Jan 2: 5 mile run @10:11/mile, 1 plank 1:15

Tuesday, Jan 3: rest day, plank 1:10

Wednesday, Jan 4: rest day (whoops, see that’s why I’m doing this, two week day rest days in a row – embarrassing), Plank 1:15

Thursday, Jan 5: 3 speedy miles @ 9:58/mile, plank 1:07

Friday, Jan 6: 3 more speedy miles @ 9:57/mile, plank 1:10

Saturday, Jan 7 – total rest – ankles killed, too much friday night fun

Sunday, Jan 8 – 3.5 mile run/walk hill repeats @ 11:30ish, Plank 1:15

My average plank this week was 1:09. No where to go but up. woo!

I also have a goal to make one new recipe each week. This week I modified my awesome couscous recipe and made it with quinoa. Not the newest of new, but it wasn’t bad – actually it was way better left over than it was on the first day I made it. Grocery shopping should occur today, so I should find a new recipe before I go for this week.

Tomorrow training starts. So future weekly recaps will display what the plan says I should do and what I did. I used this plan for my last half, but I ended up having to modify it as I wasn’t really able to keep up – I’m going to give 5 days a week of running another shot and we’ll see how my ITBs hold up. If I start having trouble I’ll turn one of those other run days into a cross training day again.

Here we go, folks! Hope your new year is off to a great start! 

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misszippy said...

Nice plank work there! I think it's smart to keep a log like that and hold yourself accountable. And we get to come along for the ride!