Sunday, January 15, 2012

This week in training is brought to you by…

Insomnia. You sneaky little bitch.

I have to admit, despite not sleeping through the night until Thursday night, I did pretty dang good this week. In purple – what the plan says.  In black, what I actually did.

Monday, Jan 9 Stretch and Strength; 30 mins yoga (this was the hardest day to wake up); Plank 1:11

Tuesday, Jan 10 3 miles easy 3 miles @ 10:00; Plank 1:15

Wednesday, Jan 11 30 min tempo 3.51 in 35 mins @9:58. 12.5 mins at 9:30; Plank 1:10

Thursday, Jan 12 3 miles + strength Back and Shoulders (half hr); 3 @ 10:38; Plank 1:22!!

Friday, Jan 13 rest Plank 1:10

Saturday, Jan 14 3 miles 3 @ 10:16; Plank 1:05

Sunday, Jan 15 6 miles 6 @ 10:34; 30 mins yoga; plank 1:15

Total Miles: 18.51

Total Yoga: 1 hour

Average Plank: 1:12

Not a bad start! I’m actually pretty stoked Smile Additionally, the shin pain seems to be dissipating. I spent a lot of time foam rolling after every run. I think that really helped. Rest day could not have been better timed either.

In other news: I jumped on the smoothie train this week. The first attempt was a disaster. I did not spend enough time blending. It was chunky, and not particularly great.

But, I tried again this morning. And – gigantic news folks – I put a half a frozen banana in it. I positively HATE bananas. But, I masked it’s taste pretty well with a million strawberries. the worst part was peeling it. yuck. But, the smoothie itself was really good. I even added some spinach Smile


No work tomorrow, which means I can really take my time on the strength workout. yes! love those days. get it in, folks!


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