Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slow Ride–Foghat


Giving my post an EMZ-esque title will help me on my quest to increasing my endurance, obv.

Today is day three into the training plan. I have shin pain. Are you kidding me??

Things I have never had: Shin Splints (knock on wood)

Things I never want: Shin Splints.

I’m so annoyed. I noticed the pain last night, usually after having my legs crossed. Just on the left side. The fact that after weeks of wearing flats I decided to randomly start wearing heels to work again this week may be a contributing factor. I also resolved today to try to stop crossing my legs so much – despite all that prissy nonsense, it’s not very good for your legs/hips/back. The best day to make a resolution of this sort is OBVIOUSLY the day you wear a skirt to work. lady-like fail.

I iced after my tempo today (who runs 12.5 mins at a 9:30 pace? this girl), but there remains a dull ache.

Then it hit me. To avoid treadmill boredom this winter I’ve been doing EVERY.SINGLE.RUN as a tempo or progression run. Every run has been about breaking that 10 min/mile barrier. Uh, maybe I should cut that out.

Slow ride, take it easy. (the rest of this song is really inapplicable to this post, hahaha)

Tomorrow’s goal is to do my three miles at a pace closer to 10:20. It doesn’t feel as good as sub 10s, but neither does this shin.

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