Monday, January 30, 2012

Trying to Find the Balance


Here’s the wrap up of week 3 of half marathon training:

What the Plan says / What I Did

Monday Jan 23: Stretch and Strength / Weights (back/shoulders) 25 mins; Elliptical 30 mins; Plank 2x 1:10, 5x10 modified pushups

Tuesday Jan 24: 3.5 miles / 3.5 miles @ 10:08; 30 mins yoga; plank 1:01

Wednesday Jan 25: 35 min Tempo / 3.51 @ 9:57 with 15 mins at 9:20

Thursday Jan 26: 3 miles + strength/ lite legs 30 mins; 3 miles at 10:17

Friday Jan 27: rest / Plank 1:15, 5x10 Mod Pushups, 4 grown-folk pushups!

Saturday Jan 28: 3 miles / 3 @ 9:56; Plank 1:20

Sunday Jan 29: 7 miles / 7 @ 10:31; Plank 1:22; 2x 5 grown-folk pushups!


Total Miles: 20.01 – finally at 20 miles a week again!!!

Average Plank: 1:13

This week I moved leg day to Thursday to give myself a little more recovery time before running again on sore legs. I also decided to keep my leg workout pretty light because I had a cranky left knee (which is much better, btw). However, I went a bit too light and had absolutely 0 DOMS at all. No soreness? That’s like a wasted weight session as far as I’m concerned.


I’m really trying to find a balance with leg days this year. I really missed them when training last year, but they’re pretty easy to set aside because I don’t want to be too sore to run. However, I know in the long run these strength training sessions will help. Another week, another shot!


Adios, January!

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Licorice Liz said...

In the "long run"?? Pun intended? I hope so - I find that amusing!