Monday, January 23, 2012

Training week 2 recap, and what I learned this week


what the plan says/ What I did

Monday Jan 16: Stretch and Strength 30 mins legs/30 mins elliptical/ 30 mins incline walk; plank 1:12

Tuesday Jan 17: 3.5 Miles 3.5 miles @10:56; plank 1:08

Wednesday Jan 18: 6x400 3.15 total miles. 3x400@ 8:19, 2x400 @ 8:12, 1x400 @ 8:06; planks 1:25!!!

Thursday Jan 19: 3 miles + Strength rest

Friday Jan 20: rest Chest/Tris 25 mins, 3 @ 10:06; plank 1:15

Saturday Jan 21: rest 3.1@ 9:57

Sunday Jan 22: 5k race rest

Average Plank: 1:15

Total Miles (run): 12.65

Total Time “other”: 1:55

I had to shuffle some things around on the weekend due to non-running commitments. Also, I didn’t have a race to run, so I just did a fast 5k to simulate “racing”. But, the real issue here was on Monday. I didn’t have work so I just took my damn time like not having to work meant some how my muscles would recover faster. I was sore until Thursday – hence the moving up of the rest day. Seriously, like hurt to go down the stairs for FOUR days.

The moral of this story is – stop working out on leg days like you’re a meat-head douchebag.

It really is quite that simple. For whatever reason, I REGULARLY feel like I need to go max on everything on leg day. WHYYYYY??? I’ve decided, additionally, to move leg lifting days to Thursday so I have a rest day after. Also, I will promise myself to stop working out like an asshole so that I can actually train for the half marathon that I’m training for. you know, run.

And for those of you waiting on the edge of your seats – the sleep was better this week. not super awesome, but better. I can’t wait to get into peak training and not be able to physically stay awake past 9pm. Ah, those were the days.

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