Friday, December 16, 2011

I took today off…


of work…

to work out.


I’ve been hoarding vacation days for months in an effort to give myself a cushion in the event that I got laid off. (we get paid out for a a rather large amount of vacation days if you leave/get laid off.)

I’d nearly reached the max payout amount. But, I’m not getting laid off. So, I randomly took a vacation day today and made no plans other than going to the gym. So of course, I fell asleep, hard, before 10pm last night, and of course, woke up at 630am with no alarm.

So, I headed to the gym, I took my time and didn’t rush myself through a serious killer leg work out. Heavy was the name of the game – PRing my hamstring curls and calf extensions, while also doing some serious work on lunges and squats on the smith machine (which I haven’t done in much longer than I’m willing to admit), among other things.

Then I ran two miles. It was hard. I kind of thought I was going to fall over for the first half mile, but I didn’t. phew.

I’ve also jumped on the #plankaday bandwagon. who knew I could do a 1 minute+ plank? Not I, but apparently I can.

I was home by 930, so next time I want to take a day off to not rush through a work out, maybe I’ll just take a half day? But, then again, maybe not. I’m currently relaxing on the couch watching the Jim Carey version of the Grinch. I’m not sure it gets much better.


Happy Friday!

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Natalie said...

You missed out the best part of your workout, which was seeing ME and my wonderfully redder face after my run! :)