Monday, December 19, 2011

Binge and Goals

Not an eating related binge. no no, almost worse. I went on weight lifting binge.

I took friday off of work, just cus, and did a serious leg workout at the gym. I have not done legs in about three weeks. Also, I haven’t used the Smith Machine for squats and lunges since, uh, July. So, instead of being a normal person and take it easy – a little weight at a time. I aimed for about 10-15 lbs under my previous max.

My quads still kill.

However, part of that is likely not just from weightlifting. On Sunday, I opted to go to the gym and run, to get the blood flowing to my muscles. Lo and behold, I finally broke 30 minutes on my 3 mile run!! yes! 29:51! I was so stoked. I really didn’t think it would happen on sunday due to how sore I was, but I was in the ZONE!

Then this morning I went back to the gym, again the zone, and banged out a quick 4.5 miles at a 10:02 pace. Still much faster than I’ve run this whole year. I’ve been consistently keeping my treadmill runs at 10:20 pace or below. Which I think is awesome!

I haven’t run outside in a while. All my running gear is black, well almost all. And I don’t have a hat, or anything reflective. I’m planning to change all of that (well probably except the black clothes thing) after christmas. Then I’ll be back out for some outdoor runs to really test my pace!


I think my first major race of next year is going to be on April 1. So formal training is starting up against soon, and I am pumped!

Upcoming post on 2012 goals! here’s to a great holiday and a positive start to the new year!!!



Beth said...

Thats my kind of binge :) Well done, lady!

Erin said...

Ugh - I "binge" this way all the time. Well, every time I decided to try weightlifting again. Last time, I took a "sculpting" class at the gym; an hour of dynamic weight movements. I pushed through like a bull in a china shop, and literally could NOT bend over at work for the next three days. I had to ask other people to pick stuff up for me if I dropped something. Pathetic.